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Presure Reducing Station

Presure Reducing Station with Direct Acting Valve

Assured accurate consistent downstream reduced pressure irrespective of fluctuations at inlet. Gives more latent heat, which is heat used in industrial equipments resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Product Feature

Offgrid/Solar Power Packs/ Solar Retrofit Systems

Capacity Range : 1 KWp - 100 KWp (300 W - 1 KWp also available on special request)

Solar Standalone systems

No dependency on Electricity Board / DG sets

No running cost

No noise pollution

Reliable, sturdy and efficient Inverters & Controllers

Minimum maintenance cost

Grid Connected System

Capacity Range: 5 KWp - 1 MW Product Features

Green, Clean and Eco friendly

Battery less Systems

Power fed to Grid 220V 1Ph or 440V 3Ph or 11Kv

Reliable, sturdy and efficient PCUs

Negligible maintenance cost

Highly efficient systems

Integrated data, event and fault logging

Turnkey Projects

The main solutions and value processes that we can offer you on solar PV power projects of MW scale are:



Project Management (Execution)


Maintenance & Servicing

Continuous monitoring of Plants performance

Plants Evaluation, Optimization & Improvements