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Spray Cyclone

Thermax has been in the field of scrubbers' right since the inception of Enviro Division. Thermax offers scrubbers for particulate as well as gaseous pollutants and offers wide range of scrubbers like

Venturi scrubbers and cyclonic scrubbers for particulate Capture

Open Spray Towers, Tray Towers and Packed Bed Towers for gas scrubbing

Some of the special applications handled by Thermax Include:

Dust extraction / particulate/ gas scrubbing and Tail Gas Scrubbers for several fertilizer plants

Gas cleaning plants (GCPs) for different furnaces, including Blast Furnaces and other

Particulate-cum-gas scrubbing systems in several non- ferrous and other metallurgical application projects

Flue Gas Desulphurization System (FGDs)

Particulate & Gaseous Scrubbers for hazardous waste incinerators

Get the Thermax advantage:

Wide range of Scrubber design to cater to different types of particulate & gaseous pollutants

Customized design according to customer requirement

Hospet Wide choice of materials such as CS, stainless steel, Rubber Lined, FRV/FRP, Hastelloy etc

Can provide flange to flange equipment as well as turnkey solutions

Have supplied FGDs with different absorbents such as limestone, Hydrated Lime, caustic, Soda Ash, Zinc Oxide etc., handling inlet SO2 loads as high as 2% & outlet emissions as low as 15 ppm

Expertise to integrate the systems with upstream as well as downstream processes

Hand on experience of providing flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems from small industrial boilers to large process plants